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There’s speculation, which is kind of creepy, that mirrors are actually a parallel universe. You’re literally looking at yourself in another universe, and they’re doing the exact same thing as you, and think the exact same things as you.

You can’t actually prove that it’s true, and you can’t prove that it’s not true, because if it is you in another universe, your reflection in the mirror will think and do exactly what you’re doing. Even if you try to trick yourself in the mirror to do something different, the other will think the same thing, and do the same as you, because they are you.

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(Mod: This is a thing I wanted to give and make for a friend a looooong loong while ago. I’m sorry friend but actual sex scenes are kinda beyond my level for the time being OTL  But I hope ya like it.

Also, Ende(Dragon Monster Bara Dude on the Left) is usually bottom.

Which makes Nintuke(Sparkly High Elf Bishie on the right) top.




ギガンティックスピーカー デュアル

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I have to throw in extra commentary and photos on this particular gadget, because the coolest part about these speaker arms, is that not only do they appear cool/well made, they are wired up with the ability to play MP3s. You can dance to music with these!  

You can also fold them up into normal looking speakers.

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The Portable Psychology Diagnostic and Suppression System or the 45MW.TRG Dominator is the iconic handgun carried by enlisted Inspection and Enforcement officers. The gun is able to determine the identity of its holder, and requires authentication and wireless connection to the Sybil system in order to operate. Each individual gun can also only be heard by its holder.

When the Dominator is aimed at a target, it continuously reads and sends their psychological data (psycho-pass) to the Sybil system for calculation. When this value exceeds a certain level (indicating that the target is mentally unstable, and more likely to commit a violent crime), the gun will then be able to fire. If the level does not exceed fixed levels, the muzzle will not open and a safety device will be activated to prevent the user from pulling the gun’s trigger. The gun is unable to work when it is not linked wireless to the Sybil system in most circumstances.

Before the gun fires, the muzzle opens up to reveal a complicated mechanism inside, part of which is used to read the suspects criminality. When the gun does fire, it lets out a bullet the color of sky blue. It is voiced by Noriko Hidaka. The gun has three modes: The Paralyser, Lethal Eliminator and Lethal Decomposer.

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